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Venefits is exclusively focused on small business. That’s it. Our goal is to provide your business with comprehensive insurance protection tailored to your industry and the unique aspects of your operations, financial condition and business goals.

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Built on a principled foundation


We enjoy providing our clients with the type of service and attention that we expect ourselves. The world isn’t perfect, and we’re no exception, but we are tenacious about our constant effort to exceed expectations. We live in a difficult business environment and we depend on third party insurance providers, and their services, to provide a quality experience to you … and they aren’t perfect either. We are constrained by and must work within a strict regulatory web of often nonsensical rules and regulations. These challenges don’t deter our commitment to you; in fact, they are largely the reasons why we are a valuable resource to you. We work for you, not the insurance companies or regulators.


We constantly keep our eyes open for new products. We always strive to educate our clients on the options that are available and help find the right balance between affordability and scope of coverage. Innovation in the insurance industry is hard to come by due to the highly regulated environment that it is. Nevertheless, we look outside the box for new solutions.


We take a sensible approach to insurance and understand that the reality of your circumstance drives your insurance purchasing decisions. While we’d all like to drive a luxury vehicle, you sometimes have to settle for a compact ride. Arriving at your goals can be accomplished economically, even though you may have to drive a little slower to get there.